Monday, 29 March 2010

Kingston Maurward College

Kingston Maurward produced 'low-tech' videos, illustrating numeracy issues very directly in an agricultural context.

Kingston Final Report

There are further videos available on Andy Daws blogging site.

Havering College

Havering College produced a Functional Numeracy resurce contextualised for the retail sector.

Havering Final Report

The resource was designed for Blackboard, which is diffiucult to export, so this is a PowerPoint preseentation explaining it:

Havering Presentation

BHP Associates

BHP Associates worked on contextualising LLN for TtG learners in Advice & Guidance.

BHP Final Report

Self Evaluation

Skills Scan

Norfolk County Council

The Adult education department of Norfolk COunty Council were working on models of delivering literacy through the council's Skills Pledge.

NCC Final Report

Skills Pledge Learner Journey

LLN Learner Journey

Marketing materials

VLE Screen shots

Outsource Training

Outsource Training produced a Functional Numeracy resopurce, contextualised to the logistics industry:

Outsource Final Report

Outsource Resources

Southend Adult Community College

Southend looked at ways of delivering LLN materials through a range of alternative media, including social networking sites.

Southend Final Report

This led them into considering ways of gauging learner preferences via commercial forums, focus groups sof learners, consideration of staff IT skills levels and internal issues of media management. They also worked on the production of simle video on mobile phones:

Isle of Wight Project

Isle of Wight college produced literacy and numeracy resources contextualised for the motor vehicle industry. The next stage of their plan is to explore ways of delivering these resources through a flexible model.

Isle of Wight Project Report

Isle of Wight contextualised resources